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Session Planning. What's your Style?

Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It's our differences that make us unique and beautiful. ~ Author Unknown

It's so exciting! It's your Senior Year!

We want your portraits to be a great part of your Senior Experience.

Capture your personality, style, and interests by bringing several changes of clothes, props, and friends/family. You will want to remember this time in your life, so bring items that identify you.

Further enhance your portraits by choosing different photography techniques like black and white, artistic styles, or composites. There are many different techniques we can do. Just tell us what you want, or ask us for our suggestions, and we will do our very best to capture who you are at this moment in your life.

Be sure to read throught each of the sections below... I know it's not the most exciting thing but it will help your session be the best that it can be.


Gather everything your will need for you session. Get together all the "props" you may need... sports gear, musical instruments, hobby items or anything that tells your story.

If you have big stuff like a car or full drum trap set make sure to let us know as soon as possible to make sure we have the right amount of time and the right time of day scheduled.

Get all your clothes and accessories together. Make sure all clothes are on hangers or very neatly folded! Wrinkles are not good. Don't forget all your shoes, belts, jewelry, letter jackets, etc.

Bring whatever you'll need for touchups... makeup, curling iron, etc.

Front of studioTHE DAY OF THE SESSION:

Arrive about 10 minutes prior to your session time. We want to take care of the paperwork and also, Dave, our photographer, would like a few minutes to go over your clothing choices with you. If you need some time to change into your first outfit here or touch-up hair, etc. arrive even earlier.

Check in at the front building that faces onto Colorado Ave. The portrait studio is a seperate building at the back of the property. If you have lot's of stuff with you leave it in the car when you 1st arrive. . Dave will help you carry everything around when it is time for your session.

You may bring a friend or family member that you feel most comfortable with for "moral support". It is best if this person is someone you feel comfortable "letting loose" with. If you feel you have to "stifle" parts of your personality when certain people are around, it may be best to ask them not to come.

Senior Girl with HorseCLOTHING CHOICES:

First and foremost... You clothing choices should depict your personality and style!

When in doubt about an outfit... bring it along. Be sure to tell us your "must haves" but have more choices as well. You might bring 6, 8, 10 outfits. You will not being wearing all of them!

Must haves!... Bring at least 1 longer sleeved outfit (3/4 or full length sleeves) and at least one solid top (more solids are great!)

AVOID: Things NOT to wear...

No Shirts with wording. A logo is ok but when there is wording you spend more time reading the shirt that seeing you. Exception... when the shirt tells a particular story that is important to you. ie: "State Champions".

No Horizontal Stripes. Bold horizontal strips make you look wider. (I'm pretty sure not to many girls want to look wider) Bold stripes are distracting. Very subtle, stylish horizontal stripes are ok.

No Bold Plaids. Subtle plaids are ok especially if it is your style (ie: a country style) But again, keep it as subtle as possible. Low contrast and SMALL plaid are better.

Summary... your eye is drawn to the brightest and most contrasty part of the photo. If you don't want attention drawn to a certain area (ok... I'll admit that for me it is my midsection and upper arms) avoid having contrast, clothing breaks and / or light bright colors there. Again, bring choices and options.

scruffy senior guyGUYS AND FACIAL HAIR:

If you are shaving for the portraits make sure it is a fresh shave. Want the "scruffy" look? That's awesome! But the folks may want some clean shaven look as well. Bring your shaving stuff... you can start "scruffy" and finish "clean".

Important School Information:

We try our best to deliver all the yearbook images to the school but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure the yearbook staff has received your photo.

Below are the approximate deadlines for yearbook photos. Please keep in mind that these deadlines are not set in stone. Your school may change their deadline from year to year so double-check with your yearbook advisor on specific dates!

If we missed your school please let us know and we'll make sure we add it to the list.

Akron: Mid January
Brighton: Mid September
Brush: Mid October
Caliche: Late February
Eagle Ridge Academy: Late December
Fleming: Mid February
Fort Morgan: Mid October
Genoa-Hugo: Late December
Greeley West: Early November
Haxton: Late December
Holyoke: Late February
Kiowa: Late October
Limon: Late December

Montrose: Late October
Idalia: Late December
Pinnacle Charter School: Late October
Otis: Late December
Prairie: Mid March
Strasburg: Late October
Sterling: Late October
Weldona: Late December
Weld Central: Mid October
Wiggins: Mid March
Woodlin: Late December
Yuma: Late December